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Terms & Conditions

Luxus Walnut LLC prides itself in providing the highest quality and finest grades of Turkish Walnut gunstock blanks. With any natural product, there are variations in the material that may require filling or final fitting by a professional gunsmith.  In the even that an item is unusable, we will work with your professional gunsmith to come up with a suitable replacement piece, or refund the purchase price of the gunstock blank.  Under no circumstance will Luxus Walnut, LLC be responsible for your gunsmith labor, or any consequential charges or costs.  Our liability ends with providing a suitable replacement gunstock blank, or where that cannot be accomplished, a refund of the purchase price.

We photograph all stocks using mineral spiritss to enhance photograph quality, simulating the finished look.  All our inventory is suitably air-dried for several years or longer.  If specific moisture content is requested, we will gladly photograph the item being tested for moisture content prior to purchase.

We will ship directly to the purchaser, or if desired, to the stock maker of your choice.  Luxus Walnut, LLC will ship internationally.  We utilize the United States Postal Service, which provides the most economical shipping, but limited tracking capabilities in some countries.  If you prefer another shipper, please contact us for a quote.  International buyers will be responsible for any/all import duties, fees and procedures pertaining to the country of final delivery.

Higher value shipments by Luxus Walnut, LLC require a signature at a residential address, but can be waived if you contact us first.

Luxus Walnut LLC requires payment in full prior to shipping.